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SYM Media World is a digital marketing agency based out of Costa Mesa, California; run by creatives for the creatives. We offer web design and Pay-per-click marketing services for photography, fashion, beauty commerce, and other creative businesses. For us, marketing and web design are all about helping you build a thriving creative business.

Regardless of what kind of creative business you run, whether you’re a fashion designer, cosmetic salesperson, makeup artist, photographer, model, or artist, you want visitors to convert into paying customers so you can make good money and even raise your prices over time as well as continue making the art that you love and only a professionally-designed website can accomplish that. Our web design services include creating high-quality small business websites. With our web designs, you can be sure that they will be optimized for Google and other search engines as well as have a focus on the end user.


We are a team of professionals and creatives that combine the best of two worlds to help you with your marketing needs. Our innovative market strategies combine high creativity with deep thinking to elevate your brand. We are passionate about our client relationships and provide one-on-one private consultations to business, design, and marketing teams in growing companies.

If you are looking for a quality web design or marketing strategy that is affordable and has proven to grow businesses from start-up, contact us today for a free web design and marketing consultation!

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My story begins with a leap of faith and a burning desire for change. I’m Shad Meeg, and my journey into the world of web design is a tale of breaking free from the mundane and embracing the vibrant realm of digital creativity.

Five years ago, I found myself caught in the monotony of a 9-5 IT job. The routine lacked the spark I craved, and I knew I needed a radical shift in my life. That’s when my fascination with digital marketing took root. The prospect of creating my own websites and weaving stories in the vast digital landscape beckoned me.

I immersed myself in the art of web design, and it was through the exploration of WordPress that I found my true calling. The more I delved into the intricacies of coding and design, the more I fell in love with the process. What began as a personal challenge evolved into a deep passion for shaping digital experiences.

As I honed my skills, I ventured into crafting my own ads and taking on diverse projects. The journey was not just about mastering the technicalities; it was about discovering the power of storytelling.

SYM Media World is the culmination of this transformative journey. It’s not just a web design agency; it’s a testament to the potential for reinvention within each of us. We believe in the magic that happens when creativity meets technology. Every website we build is a canvas where ideas come to life, and every project is an opportunity to create something extraordinary.

Let’s redefine your online presence together—crafting digital experiences that resonate with the essence of your brand. Here, we don’t just build websites; we sculpt narratives that captivate, inspire, and leave a lasting impression.